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Story Telling

The ancient art of story telling is more important than ever in our global village. How will you distinguish yourself in a world of a billion websites, social media, attention deficits, and craving for connection?

We listen, explore, and understand you in order to tell your story..., authentically and without pretense. We believe it is the only wat to rise above the crowd  and to sleep at night in the confidence that you have always told the truth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Any website that we develop follows best practices that have been tested and refined over decades. We use site architecture, structured data, meta data, and technical expertise to build websites that have the potential to rank in search engines and to attract and keep traffic.

We review and optimize pages by hand because robots and automated tools simply don't work. In the vast majority of cases we cab illustrate to you the abject failure of automated tools.

In the rare case where the web developer understands the tool and correctly deploys it, the advantage is usually ephemeral.

It has always been trivial for Google and other seach engines to program against the automated tools. The moment that Google determines that their algorithm is being "gamed", they can deploy more PhD's than you can imagine to reverse engineer and neutralize the guilty plugin. The "chaos" and fluid creativity of human touch matters and is essential. 

SEO is not an add-on or an option on websites we develop. It's integral to our approach.

Off Site Optimization

We've been working with search engines since the days of Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. (early search that predates the World Wide Web.

The key today is to understand that Google, Bing, and other engines are seeking the clues and supporting data that says your website is a part of an authoritative network of "web" site. We think of it as joining good neighborhoods. Pause a moment and understand what we mean when we refer to a World Wide Web. We'll wait.

There are 306 MILLION results on a search for spine surgery. Do you think that Google has any idea what the best website is, or what is the most accurate? They don't, they can't, and they're not trying.

Google focuses on signals that indicate that your website is useful and that visitors to your website will continue to use Google for search. We're happy to explain, but we don't expect you to understand the complexities of making that happen. That's our job.. 

Measure, Measure Again, and Analyze

When we first started working with physicians and medical websites we learned a new phrase..., "evidence based".

It turned out that doctors actually had a phrase to describe the way we've alway approached web design and marketing. It wasn't about whether everyone liked the choice of colors and fonts. It's never been about that. It's about reaching the correct audience and communicating with them.

So evidence based it is. We use data, analytics, and testing to understand your target audience and their behaviour, to effectively execute the goals of our Client. 

Social Media and Marketing

Social media can directly influence your search engine results, or be used to build a community of "fans" of your business. 

We'll clearly explain the web's social platforms, and which of them may work for you. Guide in the development of content or produce on your behalf
Manage your online communities

Going Viral?

Don't get fooled..., by definition "viral media" is unpredictable and subject to the whims of the consumer and a VERY large dose of luck. If a web developer is telling you to build a campaign around "going viral", we have advice for you. Never draw to an inside straight..., never buy a bridge from someone you just met, and the house always has an advantage.

We have and do build successful viral programs, but they are always integral to a long-term strategic plan that will succeed irrespective of any viral luck..

Website Stategic Review

Our advanced website review is intended for large websites, or websites experiencing difficulty in competing for their target audience. For advanced review, we will require either copies of your logfiles or access to your site to add the code that will allow us to track your user behavior.

We examine usability, user interface, behaviour, standards compliance, search terms that result in traffic, time on site, conversions, and new and returning visitor activity, and provide actionable intelligence for your team. 

Fees: By quotation

What Has Been Said

Clients, peers, leaders. Thank you to everyone for your kind words.

Susan Katz
Acting Director General, Cultural Industry Policy
"In summary, Mr. Greer has for a number of years, made important contributions to the development of copyright policy on behalf of stakeholders in the cultural sector."
Yvan Sauriol
Director, CSL Systems
"In particular, his work over the years with the SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite program is extremely well known and has played a significant role in illustrating, explaining, and marketing these systems and technologies in at least 19 countries worldwide."
Vinit Nijhawan
"In particular his work has been associated with a large number of important advanced technology, satellite, and space projects. This is a difficult and demanding subject matter with no tolerance for error."
Jocelyn B. Pedder, PhD
"Working with Brian Greer, one of Canada's most distinguished photographers, has been important in maintaining our professional competitive edge."
Karen Ewing-Wilson
Public Relations, SPAR Aerospace
"Mr. Greer is very well known in the advanced technology industry as a talented professional of superior ability and expertise."
Gerry Carter
Professor, Algonquin College
"On behalf of CAPIC he is presently lobbying the Canadian Federal Government and is considered one of the leading and influential people in his field."
Dr. Nizar Sultan
Director Space Systems R&D, Canadian Space Agency
"Often he was constrained by some serious limitations of illustrating aerospace technologies..., sometimes having to capture in only a few seconds the deployment of a NATO satellite antenna."
Terry O'Lynch
"His standing as one of the most influential photographers in the country is well known throughout the industry. His presence in the magazine gave us instant credibility with the photographic communications industry."
Mary Anne Maruska, MA, MGDC
"Time after time in my discussions with him about our similar concerns , I have been impressed by his commitment and inspired by his vision."