Neil Armstrong and Me

The First War of the Information Age

We understand clearly that the “Iron Age” and the “Bronze Age” have a meaning beyond being colourful names for historic periods. What's an information age?

July 1914 World War One Begins

100 Years ago this week, World War I began. The beginning of the war illustrated both the complete failure of diplomacy and the epitome of inflexible planning. By its end, over 16 million were dead, and the world invented a new language to describe the horrors of what seemed surely “The War to End All War”.

Apollo 11

It was a Sunday. I can't remember whether my parents were there. I assume they were, but what was unfolding on the television was the most amazing thing I could imagine, and I honestly don't remember. I do remember..., a door opened..., and

Your Personality Is Your CV

Your personality is just as important as your CV in developing a client base. No matter how dense your CV, most prospective clients cannot tell whether your listed accomplishments mean very much. After the first few pages, they're satisfied that you HAVE a CV. Now they need to know who you are.

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