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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793

205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
(855) 326-7793

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Goimage Media Services Inc.
Suite 205
140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia, ON, Canada L3V 1T1

Goimage is located in Orillia, Canada: some 100 km (60 miles) north of Toronto, Ontario. Goimage Media Services Inc. offers a complete range of Internet development and consulting services. Goimage was founded by Brian Greer..., a recognized leader in the development of the Internet, and the application of Internet technology to medicine.

How do you run an Internet Business from a small town? Lots of advanced technology and ridiculously fast Internet connections. No longer must you choose the "local supplier" who is just down the road. The Internet is about choice. We chose to locate here after years of big city life. Now you can choose to have your web presence created by one of the world's leading Internet experts.


Please feel free to contact us by Email or by telephoning us at 705-326-7793. We look forward to working with you in developing a vision for the future of your communication strategy.

Whether web, multimedia, print or content development, we can help you develop the strategy and materials needed to make your statement.