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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793

205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
(855) 326-7793

Web Development Portfolio

GoImage Media has been on the forefront of the use of the Internet for medical practice marketing. From website strategy to the tactics of marketing and search engine indexing, we offer proven expertise and recognized leadership.

There is no other web design firm with better experience in the development of medical websites. Our business and internationalized websites are designed to meet your objectives and have a positive effect on ROI. Please take a moment to review some web, print and multimedia samples from our portfolio.

Sadly, many "experts" offering advice and consultation to the medical world have limited understanding of the unique challenges facing today's medical practice.

The President of Goimage, Brian Greer has been honored to join the faculty of international medical meetings, served on a federal government policy committee in the early 90's and has lectured widely on the use of the Internet. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

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