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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
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Website Strategic Review and Analysis

A website sales review is a detailed inspection and analysis of your website’s effectiveness – i.e. your website’s ability to generate sales for your business.

Our reviews examine a range of factors that influence your online presence, and then provides an analysis and recommendations on how to positively influence these to improve your website’s over-all performance.

A website review gives information to:

  • Discover your website's online marketing strengths & weaknesses
  • Tap into the enormous marketing opportunity the internet provides
  • Structure your website as a marketing tool
  • Realize a ROI on your website investment
  • Identify opportunities to improve website effectiveness

We offer two forms of website sales reviews:

Basic Website Review

The basic website review provides a overview of the effectiveness of your website through external observation. We look at your website through search engines and as a user views it.

We use a variety of investigative software tools and conventional internet access to review your site. We do not modify your site or require special security access. The objective is to see your website in exactly the manner that the world sees it.

The basic website review report covers:

Search engine effectiveness

We examine your website’s search engine performance by assessing key parameters including:


We analyze your site navigation and architecture to establish its overall usability to your target market.

Keyword Analysis

We confirm your site’s real primary keywords, and then compare these against current search traffic trends and nominated competitiors.

Standards compliance

We validate your website against "real world" internet website standards.


We scan your website for technical defects including broken links, misuse of META tags, incorrect application of sitemaps and robots files.


You receive a 5-7 page detailed analysis with actionable items to improve your website's performance.


Website <100 pages - $750
Website >100 pages - by quotation.

Advanced Website Review

Our advanced review is intended for large websites, or websites experiencing difficulty in competing for their target audience. For advanced review, we will require either copies of your logfiles or access to your site to add the code that will allow us to track your user behaviour.

In addition to the services included in our Basic Review, we examine user behaviour, search terms that result in traffic, time on site, conversions, and new and returning visitor activity.


By quotation