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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
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Internationalization and Multilingual Websites


In a global economy, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the potential of offshore markets. With that said, building an international presence is more complex than simply obtaining a translation. There is a classic marketing story about the Chevy Nova's failure in Spanish speaking markets. In English, Nova had a somewhat futuristic name..., in Spanish, it sounded like the words for "it doesn't go".

It is inappropriate to picture young single women on a website for the Arabic world. Are you using a sports analogy? Indians have not a clue about baseball, but are passionate devotees of cricket. Even your choice of colors has impact in the global market. Choosing to build a website for the Chinese market requires a decision as to which version of Chinese will be used. Are you attempting to reach the mainland, or is your website targeted to Taiwan residents? There are two major variations of printed Chinese. Taiwan uses a different variant than mainland China.


Goimage has built websites in Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, and other languages. We team with the world's best translators and cultural consultants to insure that your international presence has the desired result.


  • Host on a .com or should you have a local domain like .uk?
  • Webhost location?
  • Language variations? (Spanish for Spain or Latin America?)
  • Demographics of Languages within markets?
    (e.g. India - English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali?)

Contact us to explore your international options.

We will provide a clear analysis of how to meet your objectives and internationalize your web presence.


Please note that translation costs can vary widely by language. We use the services of one of the world's top translation organizations whose clients range from the US Government to Fortune 500s.