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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793

205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
(855) 326-7793

Marketing Your Website

Complete Services to Succeed on the Web


User behaviour analysis, Google Analytics, Clicktracks, IIS Structure Analysis

International and Multilingual Site Development

Expert internationalization - culturally aware, and marketing savvy

Keywords Research

Uncovering opportunities and assessing the competitive landscape

Pay-per-Click Management (PPC)

Google, Overture, Bing. Hand crafted PPC campaigns for your product or brand

Reputation Management

Protect yourself from negative reputation and links on the Internet

Off Site Search Optimization

Inbound linking, Bookmarking, Blogging and related strategies

On Site Search Optimization

Site architecture, META tagging, page construction, site mapping

Social Media Usage

Building your networks

Web Strategy Consultation and Reporting

Cutting edge insight into your website and its competition

Website Review and Analysis

What does innovation mean to you? To us, it means looking at something a little differently than the norm. It means looking a little deeper at the overall picture to determine how we can develop answers and applications that will enable our clients to continue developing their marketing strategy on an ongoing basis.

Goimage Media has been recognized for excellence by Yahoo Internet Life, Looksmart, MedExplorer, and About.com. One of our medical client sites has been selected by both the BBC and Britannica Online as the best of the net. Another site was featured in Aviation Week as a cutting-edge application of the Internet to the aircraft industry. GoImage Media President Brian Greer has lectured internationally on the use of the Internet in medicine and is well known as the co-founder of SpineUniverse.com, the leading website for the spine.

Coherent Analysis of Your Needs

By looking at your current and future needs we can develop a coherent marketing and technology strategy that will meet your needs today and offer the ability to evolve as your business grows.