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205 - 140 Cedar Island Road
Orillia ON Canada L3V 1T1
(705) 326-7793
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Web Analytics


As companies realize the long-term value of the Internet and mobile web theĀ fundamentalĀ need to measure their digital efforts becomes mission critical. While it is easy to say "we should measure", it is much more difficult to use digitally collected data to compete on analytics. Web Analytics moves far beyond a simple measurement of the traffic to your website. Web Analytics is about measuring user behaviour, measuring advertising effectiveness, and improving your Return on Investment.

Effective analytics

  • Using web statistics to better understand user behavior and activity on your key pages
  • Analysis of web traffic sources to establish how users are reaching your web site
  • Measure effectiveness of search engine keywords and phrases being used to find the website, and analyze the user behaviour after they arrive
  • Conversion and ROI tracking to measure how many visitors fulfilling the website's objectives in terms of actions takem
  • In depth analysis of the paths visitors use to navigate the site, to determine how better to funnel users to your most important pages
  • Recommendations on additional content and navigation changes to help fulfill business goals

What You Learn

We provide you with clear analysis of the most important metrics on your website, including conversion rate, time on site, overall ROI, and more. We provide guidance on actionable items to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.


Our initial web analytics reports range from $500 to $3,000 depending on the size and complexity of your site. Our ongoing analytic reports can be contracted on a monthly or quarterly basis, dependent on your traffic volume, and number of webpages. These ongoing reports start at $500 per period.