Why HTML5 Matters – It’s not what you think

As I’ve discussed in previous articles, there are more than 5 trillion pages on the web, and we estimate Google indexes >50 billion of them. There is NO algorithm that will allow Google to identify the best or most useful content. We have watched as “flavor of the month” SEO strategies have been introduced, succeeded briefly, and then failing dismally…, sometimes accompanied by a slap on the wrist from Google. These strategies typically reflect some observed statistical anomaly that is resulting in traffic. These are reactive techniques, and should not be mistaken for an SEO strategy.
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Neil Armstrong and Me

In mid-July 1969, I sat spellbound before our family television for hour after hour. The Vietnam War continued…, the UK had recently severed relations with Rhodesia (largely over the issue of white supremacy). I don’t recall whether I knew it, but the Concorde had made its first test flight earlier that year. And in mid-July, I watched as two human beings set foot on the moon. The Universe seemed boundless with opportunity. Surely we would journey to Mars and beyond during my lifetime.

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