Google targets Scrapers and Content Farms

In two algorithm updates during February, Google took aim at scraper sites and content farms to improve search results. As an interesting side note, Google indicated that they compared the personal block lists of Google Chrome users to the sites that were impacted by the algorithm update and established an 84% correspondence. What’s most intriguing about this is proof positive that Google uses information passed by Chrome in order to tweak and improve their algorithms.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

In theory, these updates should only punish the most egregious of offenders, but bear in mind that a scraper site is fundamentally reproducing information published elsewhere on the web. Algorithms operate automatically. If your website uses a large amount of republished material (for example newsfeeds), you may have suffered a decline in Google referrals. That doesn’t mean a newsfeed is a morally bad thing. It simply means that Google would prefer to present the original article to their users.

Content remains King. The #1 best way to develop good rankings for your website is the regular creation of new and useful content.