Your Personality – Your CV

Physicians, like every one else on the planet, are competitive. One of the places this shows up is in the physician CV. One physician’s CV runs to 150 pages…, another physician feels superior because his CV is 200 pages. Indeed, there are some CV’s that look suspiciously like they include lunch with another MD, as long as it took place at some exotic location. (Yeah…  you know who we’re talking about)

Classical CV’s are important, but all practice websites tend to include this information, and it is of limited value to the consumer. The consumer doesn’t know the difference between the AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) and the AANS (Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia). A solid CV is valuable of course, but after the first 10 pages, we guarantee no patient is reading.

In part, patients make decisions based on subjective information. A physician who is an active runner may be perceived to be better aware of the patient’s needs by a patient who is a runner. The patient believes the doctor “gets them”. A bio that reveals that you rebuild antique cars will attract the attention of patients with an interest in antique cars.

If the reality is that the average patient can not easily judge the differences between CVs, then the reality is also that you must find other ways to differentiate yourself and your practice.

Do not be reluctant to introduce personality to your website.